About Us

Mac Hruska is a licensed psychotherapist who has been in private practice for 35 years. His therapy training includes a wide range of methodologies; Redecision Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Systems Centered Therapy, and EMDR. He is licensed and holds a Master's Certification in an advanced form of neurofeedback using Brain State Technology™ (BST). His therapeutic training provides a solid background for neurofeedback. He has taught and trained psychotherapists in the US and Europe.

Gail Cocke received her Brain State Technology™ Master's Certification in 2008. She comes from a service background with 25 years of owning her own business. Her compassion and attention to detail makes her an invaluable asset.

Art and art history have been a long time passion for Mac and Gail. They spent a year sabbatical in Italy, mostly Florence, where they immersed themselves in Renaissance art, developing an interest in the psychology of myths depicted during this period.

Renee Bauld has a BA in psychology and a Masters of Social Services specializing in Family and Child Therapy from Bryn Mawr College. She has worked on a broad range of treatments for adults including addiction issues, PTSD, and rape victim counseling. She dedicated the last ten years in Connecticut to advocating for families and children with special needs within the school systems. Her approach integrates treatments and resources for family success.

Sean Bauld has two degrees from McCombs Business School and studied at the LBJ school of Public Affairs. He has led organizational change, growth, and transformation in companies ranging from start-ups to global multi-nationals and serves as an executive coach and strategic operations expert.

Education and wellness have been a long time focus for Renee and Sean in addition to the life experiences provided by their two children and the amazing journeys from the natural wonders in Costa Rica to the scientific marvels of being at the last night time space shuttle launch.